KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE: Featuring a long, universal cuff (22-42cm) that is made of extra durable, wear resistant nylon, as well as a high quality, comfortable Velcro strip that allows for easy measuring in any body type, from slim to obese, Paramed manual blood pressure cuff ensures effortless and professional blood pressure reading at home (NOT include stethoscope).

  • The long universal cuff 22-42cm (9-16 inch)
  • Clip for a cuff to attach the gauge to the cuff
  • The contoured durable Standard D-ring cuff
  • High-quality velcro closure
  • Zinc alloy manometer
  • Nylon bag in the set
  • Latex Free
  • FDA approved
  • Part Number: k9876
  • Available In Stock
  • Call : 021 839 1185
  • email : sales@mothibamedicalsupplier.co.za
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